Felix Boulin

Felix Boulin

Product, Data and Software

I am a mix of product management, data science and software engineering with a pinch of business acumen.

Who I currently work with

I am engaged in a custom invoicing project to be delivered for Diploma in September 2023. Thanks to I.T. Lady, I support charities like Dress for Success Sydney and Gidget Foundation Australia on an ongoing basis.

Background & XP

I have worked nearly 10 years in cars, from managing product at Peugeot to looking after the marketing department for Renault Australia. In 2021, I took a sharp turn from the automotive world and started working in technology, data and product which I am passionate about.

Coding skills

Python and Javascript are my primary languages, and I have gained an expertise in utilizing libraries and frameworks allowing me to build seamlessly on both ends of the stack.